[February 11th] 1st actúaloop Competition, Awards Ceremony

 Awards and finalists of the Competition

Yesterday, February 11th, we finished the First Phase of the actúaloop Competition with the celebration of the Award Ceremony. Eight of the thirty-one ideas presented have been selected to go into the second phase of Development of the Ideas. 

69 participants have compited for this prize, and the level of the ideas (31 in total) presented thas been really hight. So we would like to thank all the participants their effort, and congratulate the winners!


Journal Advisor 
Cristian Moral Martos (ETSI Informática UPM)
Orientation visualization system for would-be authors about the most appropriate venues for publication of a paper; serving to editors and reviewers as well in their decision about submitted papers.

Formalization of experimental protocols 
Olga Ximena Giraldo (ETSI Informática UPM)
SMART Protocols allows researchers to accurately generate and retrieve information from experimental protocols. It makes possible for publishers to expose ready-to-use data/content over the web as well as to deliver a content-based recommendation service for researchers.

Aldo Gordillo (ETSI Telecomunicación UPM)
IDeM (Innovation, Dissemination et Multimedia) proposes to introduce in Loop a new layer that enables online paper enrichment using advanced multimedia resources, as well as real-time communication and discussion facilities between authors and readers. 


Gregorio Romero Rey (ETSI Industriales UPM)
This idea proposes sharing between researchers not only different papers and publications but also the equipment that they have used to research. 

Loop App
Miguel Páramo Castrillo (ETSI Telecomunicación UPM)
This idea attempts to include all Loop services in a mobile application. With the app, users can quickly consult articles, manage contacts and so on. Besides, one of the main features is to allow users to identify themselves with Facebook. 

Natalia Rodríguez Núñez-Milara (ETSI Telecomunicación UPM)
A direct connection between researchers and charitable foundations. Foundations that have money to research their illnesses, they can create their profiles on the platform and introduce their needs through tags. Researchers can put tags on their research. 

José Antonio Quevedo Muñoz (ETSI Sist. Informáticos UPM)
"A network to rule them all." A social hub - search tool, focused on researchers. The goal is to increase researchers productivity through an unified social network viewer, search engine and publication tools.

Frontiers Translate 
José Antonio González Robles (ETSI Sist. Informáticos UPM)
This is a Community idea focused on Translation that proposes to create a reward system based on points, which will allow everyone on the platform to have the same opportunity to grow in it.

Now... Let's go to the Second Phase!!

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