(14 y 15 diciembre) II Jornadas de Emprendimiento CRUE España. Encuentro MetaRed X España

 II Jornadas de Emprendimiento CRUE España. Encuentro MetaRed X España

Los próximos 14 y y 15 de diciembre, el Centro Cultural La Nau - Universitat de València acogerá las II Jornadas Emprendimiento CRUE España. Encuentro de Universidades MetaRed X España, organizadas por CRUE, la Universitat de Valencia y la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 

Bajo el formato de diálogos de emprendimiento, ponencias y de experiencias prácticas en emprendimiento universitario, esta iniciativa reunirá a cerca 100 representantes procedentes de diferentes universidades españolas. 

Además, durante las jornadas se mostrarán los primeros resultados de los subgrupos de trabajo de emprendimiento de Metared X España, se analizará el papel de los parques científicos universitarios en los ecosistemas de innovación, y se recogerán las aportaciones de algunas de las unidades de emprendimiento más destacadas del sistema universitario español, con el fin de contribuir de forma colaborativa al crecimiento del ecosistema de innovación español. 

Por último, se aprovechará la celebración de este evento para anunciar el lanzamiento del Observatorio de Experiencias Prácticas de Emprendimiento Universitario CRUE/MetaRed X, que persigue el objetivo de identificar y compartir las mejores prácticas de emprendimiento en instituciones educativas de toda España. Desde la organización se anima a todas las unidades de emprendimiento a inscribirse para participar en esta fase inicial a través del siguiente enlace.  Y durante las jornadas se presentarán tres de estas experiencias a los asistentes.

Datos de interés

Qué: II Jornadas de Emprendimiento CRUE España. Encuentro MetaRed X España

Cuándo: 14 y 15 de diciembre

Dónde: Centro Cultural La Nau - Universitat de València

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(November 22nd - 16h) New European Bauhaus accelerator connects the entrepreneurship ecosystem


Achieving entreprenurial goals in the long term requires the involvement and collaboration of all stakeholders in the system - connnected to achieve scalable, lasting and effective solutions. Through disruptive solutions provided by start-ups, we can implement and reach these goals. 

Furthermore, to inspire this change, it is necessary to coordinate and direct the efforts of technological innovation in areas such as mobility, digital, manufacturing, food, agriculture, climate start-ups, new business ideas, training and technology transfer - ina  way that acquires, shares, transfers and applies knowledge through open innovation. To achieve this, we need the participation and strategic collaboration of all the actors involved in the international ecosystem. 

From the perspective of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) and its values, this combination generates interesting synergies for more sustainable, inclusive and aesthetic solutions. This is directly linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) gathered within the 2030 agenda. 

Strengthen the collaboration networks

Stakeholders Day will provide a meeting space for all the actors involved in leading this startegy towards sustainable, inclusive and beautiful living spaces and experiences.

The Stakeholders Day aims to share the New European Bauhaus strategy with a range of different actors including representatives from industry, investment and academia, as well as the public and private sector, non-profit entities and entrepreneurs. 

During the first part of the event, attendees will be able to meet a range of interesting people including: 

  • Pier Paolo Peruccio, Member of the Board of Directors at World Design Organization and Director of the Master's in Design for Arts at Politecnico di Torino;
  • María Risueño, Architect from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Senior Design Strategist at Other Tomorrows;
  • Mark Stoevelaar, Project Lead Startup Residence at City hall of Amsterdam;
  • Laurent Lasserre, VP Sales Western Europe & Country manager France from Plan A, a reference corporation that enables thousands of businesses to descarbonise and reach net-zero and SDGs. 

The lecturers will join attendees in a panel discussion about business, entrepreneurship, networking and NEB values. Topics will include: the different applicability of the NEB perspective depending on private or public institutions or how to internalise and develop their business vision based on the NEB concept. 

Connection between NEB and entrepreneurship

Additionally, it is expected that this activity will serve as tangible support to translate the NEB community building values into current products and services in the market. Start-ups as change-making actors will implement this in future products and services to achieve an exponential systemic change. 

For the purpose of detecting, exploring and boosting new opportunities for collaboration in the future, the second part of this session will be focused on developing matchmaking workshop with 12 NEB innovative start-ups selected for the second edition of NEB Booster 2.0 programme. Following the speed dating methodology and in order to boost impactful approaches, the start-ups will me with investors and key business players from different European countries. The goal is to introduce their products and services to identify collaboration opportunities, potential connections and receive valuable feedback. 

The activity is led by the Entrepreneurship Department at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid with the support of EIT Climate-KIC, in the framework of the EIT Community NEB Booster 2.0. Accelerator programme. 

If you are interested in the first part of the event, please don't forget to register here

For more information, please contact: ana.horta@upm.es and elisa.navarro@upm.es

About New European Bauhaus Booster 2.0

The New European Bauhaus Booster 2.0 supports socially conscious innovators across the continent. The call was launched by EIT Digital, EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility and looked for the most innovative ventures developing solutions that make Europe more sustainable, inclusive and improve citizens´ quality of life.  

About EIT Climate-KIC

EIT Climate-KIC is Europe´s leading climate innovation agency and community, using a systems approach to shape innovation to support cities, regions, countries and industries meet their climate ambitions. Together with partners across the globe, EIT Climate-KIC acts to bridge the gap between climate commitments and current reality by enabling decisions-makers and investors to act. They find and implement solutions in integrated ways and mobilise finances.  

They build skills to accelerate learning and explore innovation, openiing pathways to shift mindsets and behaviors. Through radical collaborations, EIT Climate-KIC orchestrates large-scale demonstrations that show waht is possible when cycles of innovation and learning are deliberately designed to trigger exponential decarbonisation and build resilient communities. 

For more information, visit www.climate-kic.org