actúaupm Competition



(Deadline: March 22nd, 2024)


The competition is open to “university teams” composed of faculty members and/or bachelor and graduate students (master or doctoral students), administrative staff, alumni from the last 10 years (since 2013-2014 graduation) from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. 

Other participants are eligible as long as they receive the invitation from actúaupm international based on existing agreements. At the time of writing, this includes some EELISA consortium universities and the Illinois Institute of Technology, as established in the corresponding agreements.


Participants should submit a short description of the idea, following the template included on 

Applications can be in English or Spanish. 


A Business Ideas Competition and a Startup Competition: to recognize the best business ideas, and the startups with the most potential. The program is structured in three different phases and 45,000 euros in prizes are awarded to the winners.

Entrepreneurship and Business Model Courses: to validate business ideas and create a high-impact business model. Participants also learn about how to engage early customers and investors.

Experts Advice for the development of the startup: actúaupm team includes professionals with many years of experience in advising teams of entrepreneurs. And participants will have access to mentoring from successful entrepreneurs and seasoned investors.

Demo Days and Talk Series: projects with big potential will participate in demonstration sessions and pitch days, where they can present their companies to selected investors. Different Talks Cycles on topics of interest and product presentations to improve and network projects and ideas are organized during the competition

Network of Experts and Investors I&E UPM: belonging to this network has been instrumental for start-ups to improve their solutions and attract seed funding and venture capital.


The Competition is sponsored (December 2024) by Comunidad de Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, EELISA UNFOLDS and EIT. 


  • This is the leading Entrepreneurship Programme among Spanish universities 50,000 euros in prizes Training in entrepreneurship (# 1 in the ranking of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology EIT Master DS and HCID)
  • Network of contacts and access to the Alumni Club
  • 325 start-ups launched so far
  • More than 2000 million euros of investment raised by start-ups from actúaupm
  • 60% of start-ups are still active in the fifth year
  • More than 20 years of experience.
  • More than 6.000 business ideas received.


Ten prizes of 1,000 euros for the ten best ideas in the first phase. 

In the final phase: 

  • First prize of €15,000
  • Second prize of €10,000, 
  • Third prize of €5,000 
  • A special prize of €5,000 to the best business model developed mainly by university bachelor’s or master’s degree students

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