[9 Septiembre] UPM FI-WARE Programme for STARTUPS Info Day


  • Encourage the use of FI-WARE solutions for innovative projects and startups with potential application developments in the market
  • Identify projects to be chosen to create new versions of new or existing applications using the FI-WARE Platform
  • To support the development of FI-WARE technology to accelerate the process of the application development
  • Support the training from the standpoint of business opportunity in order to find market access and industrial investors or partners needed to increase the probability of transfer to the market
  • Dissemination of the results of the Programme and the use of the FI-WARE Platform
  • Organizing a demonstration session with the result of the selected projects and their presentation to a forum of investors and international experts

  •      The beneficiaries of the Programme are technology companies, mainly start-ups with less than five years old and with a high level of innovation and technological development in their activity (We call start-up a company with a business model with high growth potential)
  •       Selection of between 6 and 8 start-ups
  •     Prioritization criteria: Priority is given to those start-ups with a business model concurrent with a development strategy based of an application using the FI-WARE Platform. Projects which include a model with a potential international expansion will be also considered as preferred

  •       The startups selected will have a access to a complete training program with technical sessions to support developing applications in the FI-WARE platform. They will have also access to business mentoring sessions
  •       The participants of the training program will compete for three recognition seats as the Best Project Application using FI-WARE
  •       Obtaining one of these three recognition seats will allow the project presentation at the Third International Workshop UPM_innovatech, which will be attended by experts and international investors. There is also the possibility that the project is selected for presentation at next year's Mobile World Congress sponsored by Telefónica    

     September 9th at 12:00 we will celebrate an info session on the CLC Montegancedo Campus of the Technical University Madrid (UPM), in the IMDEA SOFTWARE BUILDING 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid
     Interested startups will have one week from that date to present a "one-pager" to be provided by the organization that will allow a selection of between 6 and 8 projects to be part of the training program

     For more information, please refer your questions to creacion.empresas@upm.es