EELISA Unfolds Demo Day

 EELISA Unfolds Demo Day

8 top deep-tech startups from European Ecosystem

The final EELISA Unfolds Demo Day event held in Pisa on the 19th of December 2022. This event was celebrated at Scuola Normale Superiore University with the collaboration of other EELISA partners.

It was part of the EELISA UNFOLDS project (which belongs to the EIT HEI Initiative), which showcases higher education institutions as powerhouses of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. And this was the first time that an European university put together startups to display innovative technologies and attract EU-wide seed and early-stage funding.

This event brought together startup experts and investors representing several sectors and countries that would open up networking opportunities in European markets in countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Hungary, Italy, Romania, and Turkey. And it was a great opportunity for students and entrepreneurs to meet and interact with experts in an innovative and passionate environment, as well as to present their projects to the innovation ecosystem.

Start-ups seleccionadas

Recycllux (www.recycllux.com): this start-up uses ground-breaking technologies to develop a recycling and material chain optimized for the end-of-life plastic products that end up into the seas and oceans.

Izyleaf (www.izyleaf.com): this is an app that aims at simplifying the buying and selling of second-hand cars in car dealerships. In concrete terms, they adapted the Tinder search mode to second-hand cars, appearing one by one to the user.

Evolonic (www.evolonic.de): startup specialized in long-range drones detecting wildfires. It offers a service for automatic early detection of forest fires to minimize the risks they pose to people, responders, and the environment

Co-Robotics (www.corobotics.eu): a spin-off company of Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna that designs and develops innovative robotic services based on artificial intelligence to improve robots' utility and usability.

Fluid Wire Robotics (FWR) (www.fluidwirerobotics.com): It produces next-generation robotic arms that enable advanced manipulation in harsh environments. Their arms are the ideal solution to expand the capabilities of mobile inspection robots with manipulation skills. 

Digital Earth Solutions (www.digital-earth-solutions.com): Deep-tech startup aiming to contribute to the preservation of marine ecosystems through innovative ocean modeling solutions. They are able to predict with high precision and within a few minutes the spatial evolution of any oil spill,.

Innextart (www.innextart.com): an innovative, ethical, and transparent solution for the management and enhancement of art collections and impact investing. It offers opportunities for collection management, financing, and promotion of cultural art heritage.

Water Minilab (www.waterminilab.com): the software solution of their technology provides the necessary suggestions and support to decrease the energy consumption of certain equipments and to lower the number of chemicals added to the wastewater during the treatment processes. 

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