[Dec 4th] 1st UPM innovatech International Workshop

1st UPM innovatech® International Workshop


2013/14 focused on:  “New Technology Investment Trends: California vs Europe”

 2013, December 4th

Center of Support for Technological Innovation



The Technical University of Madrid (UPM), within the activities promoted by the Center of Support for Technological Innovation and in the frame of the development of the International Campus of Excellence of Montegancedo, launches the 1st UPM Innovatech, Innovation and Technology -Based Entrepreneurship International Workshop.

In this journey we will be able to know experiences and acceleration models of new technologies, in order to promote its adoption by the most innovative markets.

Presentations, Networking and Business Opportunities will take place in a day that connects large companies, researchers, experts, investors, technological SMEs and new businesses with high growth potential.

Energy, materials, nanotechnology, health, internet, mobility, transport, security, space, agri-food and biotechnology sectors are among others, will be highlighted from the point of view of the exploitation of new technologies and new models of technological acceleration.

California is once again one of the centers of technological investment in the United States. After accusing the crisis in 2007 prior to other parts of the world, California is now again one of the first places where the recovery is occurring with great dynamism of investment, technological innovation and employment. The EU aims to boost this process and lost time at the frame of Horizon 2020.

To compare these strategies and to learn from them is essential. Inside the function of the UPM Center for Support of Technological Innovation of connecting technology initiatives of the Technical University of Madrid with the leaders of the world, in this workshop is presented much of the existing set of relationships with investors and technologies in California.

Who is it for?

Technology based companies, R&D and innovation responsible in Universities, researchers, spinoff companies and technology startups, multinational companies´ managers, investors and Venture Capital professionals.


Wednesday, December 4th,  9:30 a.m.


Assembly Hall, CEDINT  UPM and UPM Center for Support of Technological Innovation

Campus de Montegancedo UPM, km 38 M-40, 28223 Pozuelo de Alarcón, Madrid (map)


Attendance is free, invitation required.

You can request your invitation at innovacion.tecnologica@upm.es indicating name, company, title, email address and interest in attending the conference.
Who is already confirmed (keynote speakers):

Glenn Osaka has over 30 years of experience in building and managing information technology based businesses. He most recently served as a Senior Vice President at Juniper Networks responsable for the company´s services portfolio globally. Prior to his role at Juniper, he served as the Vice President, Strategy and Planning for Worldwide Operatios at Cisco Systems and as Vice President, Enterprise Computing at the Hewlett Packard Company. In addition to his experience wiht large corporations, he served as CEO of Reactivity Inc. a startup focused on web service integration (acquired by Cisco), and as Managing Director for the Redleaf Group, an early stage venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. Glenn has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for several U.S. based startup companies. He has also been an early stage advisor to Paypal and Insight Venture partners. In the non-profit domain, Glaann has served as a board member for CommerceNet, an organization that helped set the groundwork for global electronic commerce and as Chairman and board member for the Center for Asian American Media.
Glenn was educated at UCLA where he completed both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master in Business Administration.


Jonathan Taplin is director of the Annenberg Innovation Lab based at USC. Jonathan Taplin's areas of specialization are in International Communication Management and the field of digital media entertainment.

Taplin began his entertainment career in 1969 as Tour Manager for Bob Dylan and The Band. In 1973 he produced Martin Scorsese's first feature film, Mean Streets, which was selected for the Cannes Film Festival. Between 1974 and 1996, Taplin produced 26 hours of television documentaries (including The Prize and Cadillac Desert for PBS) and 12 feature films including The Last Waltz, Until The End of the World, Under Fire and To Die For. His films were nominated for Oscar and Golden Globe awards and chosen for The Cannes Film Festival seven times.

In 1984 Taplin acted as the investment advisor to the Bass Brothers in their successful attempt to save Walt Disney Studios from a corporate raid. This experience brought him to Merrill Lynch, where he served as vice president of media mergers and acquisitions. In this role, he helped re-engineer the media landscape on transactions such as the leveraged buyout of Viacom. Taplin was a founder of Intertainer and has served as its Chairman and CEO since June 1996. Intertainer was the pioneer video-on-demand company for both cable and broadband Internet markets. Taplin holds two patents for video-on-demand technologies.

Taplin was appointed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in December 2006 to the California Broadband Taskforce.

Mr. Taplin graduated from Princeton University. He is a member of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and sits on the advisory board of the Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland. Taplin is a member of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and sits on the International Advisory Board of the Singapore Media Authority and the Board of Directors of Public Knowledge. Taplin was appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the California Broadband Policy Task Force in January of 2007.

Kamila  Markram is a neuroscientist, autism researcher and co-founder & CEO of Frontiers, a leading open-access academic publisher and research network.
Kamila graduated in psychology from the Technical University Berlin in 2003. She did her diploma thesis work at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt under the supervision of Sergio Neuenschwander and Wolf Singer focusing on fast coherent responses to visual inputs as a function of prior synchronization states in the visual cortex. She obtained her PhD degree in Neuroscience at the Brain Mind Institute at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL) in 2006 under the supervision of Carmen Sandi, where her work in the Laboratory of Behavioral Genetics was focused on molecular alterations involved in emotional learning and characterization of a rat model of autism. She then joined the Laboratory of Neural Ensemble Physiology at the BMI, EPFL as a post-doc with Miguel Nicolelis where she continued working on autism using parallel multi-electrode, multi-site recordings in a rat model to unravel the brain circuit alterations underlying autism.

Since 2008 she is the autism project group leader in the Laboratory of Neural Microcircuits, BMI, EPFL. This team studies autism in several rodent models using a spectrum of non-invasive and invasive approaches at the genetic, molecular, cellular, synaptic, local circuit, circuit, systems and behavioral level. Together with Henry Markram, she co-developed the "Intense World Theory of Autism” which proposes that many symptoms of autism may be secondary to exaggerated fear memories and an overly intense world.

(more coming son)
Organizers and sponsors

About the Center for Support for Technological Innovation CAIT

The Center for Support for Technological Innovation at the Technical University of Madrid was founded in the framework of the development of the International Campus of Excellence Montegancedo, with the aim of promoting the technology transfer to market and productive relations between different public and private institutions.

The Center manages and supports initiatives as UPM innovatech Innovationa and Commercialization Program; actúaupm Entrepreneurship Program; and Business Center & Living Labs.

About UPM_innovatech® Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies Program

UPM_innovatech® Innovation and Commercialization of Technologies Program provides supporting services for the commercialization of technologies generated in the UPM with potential application in the market, ranging from the detection of innovative technologies, developing commercial dossiers based on them, the specialized training in marketing and sales of technology, to advising in the final negotiation of commercial contracts.

The program offers a range of additional services to support and accelerate collaboration between companies and the UPM in the field of innovation and technology (screening solutions and know-how, coordination of work meetings, joint organization of conferences, technology watch).

The running initiative of generating a catalogue of UPM Innovatech Technologies Marketplace now has a portfolio of 38 innovative technologies in various sectors.

More information at www.upm.es/innovatech

About UPM actúaupm® Entrepreneurship Program

The UPM Entrepreneurship Program has the main objective of building companies with high growth potential in the framework of the Technical University of Madrid, with activities ranging from the detection of ideas, support in developing the business plan and seeking funding by investors.

From the very beginning, the Program has detected more than 2,200 UPM researchers and student business projects, has worked continuously with 550 teams and has supported the running of 138 companies in the period between 2007 and 2013, which have captured €28M from investors.

In 2013, the UPM Entrepreneurship Program counts as sponsors with Accenture, Creania Labs, eGauss, InvestBan, ROUSAUD COSTAS DURAN SLP and Savior Venture Capital, and as collaborators IEN Polytechnic Business School and Revista Emprendedores.

It has recently launched the actúa_COM program, Ist  Open Innovation Competition of the Center for Open Middleware UPM (COM) with the support of Banco Santander, ISBAN and Produban.
More information at www.upm.es/actuaupm

The Centre is involved in the Master and Doctorate programme on Economy and Innovation Management (MEGIN) organised by UPM, UCM and UAM universities. Master and phD students are invited to participate in the workshop.

More information about I innovatech International Workshop at:

e: innovacion.tecnologica@upm.es ; w: www.upm.es/innovatech

t: 91 336 4687/ 9201

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