Videos of the actúaloop Competition

Videos of the 1st actúaloop Competition Final Awards Ceremony 

Here you can see all the videos of the Awards Ceremony of the First edition of the Competition for Innovation in Research Social Networks actúaloop, that we celebrated on June 23rd. 

The top three winners of this competition were:
  • First prize – IDeM
  • Second prize – Journal Advisor
  • Third prize – ARES
Awards Ceremony


Winners, finalists and tutors talk about their experiences participating in this competition. We also interview Kamila Markram, the co-founder and CEO of Frontiers; Jon Murua, Product Manager at Frontiers; and Gonzalo León, Director of the Center for Support in Technological Innovation CAIT – UPM.

What is?
actúaloop competition is an initiative launched by Frontiers, an international company dedicated to the publication of scientific articles "open-access" with allies such as Nature Publishing Group, in collaboration with the Center of Support for Technological Innovation (CAIT) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

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