[June 23rd] Kamila Markram in the actúaloop Awards Ceremony

Kamila Markram confirmed as guest speaker at actúaloop Final Awards Ceremony

Kamila Markram is a neuroscientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne and Frontiers’ CEO and co-founder. She is on a mission to make research freely available for the benefit of humanity, and popularize science and the people behind the discoveries. 

Kamila obtained her MSc in Psychology, summa cum laude, from the Technical University Berlin in 2003, completed her masters-thesis at the Max-Planck Institute for Brain Research in Frankfurt; and obtained an award-winning PhD degree in Neuroscience at the EPFL in 2006.

She frequently speaks on topics related to autism, Open Science and the future of scholarly publishing, including the National Academy of Sciences, Science Foo Camp and the Euroscience Open Forum. Moreover, she co-developed "The Intense World Theory of Autism” which proposes that autism is the result of a “super”-brain that perceives, absorbs and feels too causing autistic people to withdraw from an overly intense world. This theory fundamentally challenges the established dogmas in autism research and was featured in popular science magazines and TV documentaries. It was most recently featured in a documentary by Academy Award winning film-maker Roger Ross Williams in his current project Life, Animated.

About Frontiers
Kamila Markram is co-founder and CEO of Frontiers, a community-rooted gold open-access publisher that has attracted over 200,000 active leading researchers as authors and editors. Based on scalable in-house technology, Frontiers was the first to take scholarly publishing entirely online, make peer-reviews efficient and transparent, provide impact metrics for papers and researchers, and merge open-access publishing with a research network platform to catalyze research dissemination and popularize research to the public, including kids. 

Today, Frontiers is one of the top 5 open-access publishers. It has received the ALPSP Gold Award For Innovation in Publishing, and it collaborates with Nature Publishing Group, Scientific American, Digital Science, Jacobs Foundation and others to advance Open Science worldwide. 

You can meet Kamila in the actúaloop Final Awards Ceremony that we are going to celebrate on June 23rd at 18.30 in the ETSII UPM.
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