First edition of actúaloop is here!

Until 7th 2016, open call for the I Edition of actúaloop Competition

actúaloop competition is an initiative launched by Frontiers, an international company dedicated to the publication of scientific articles "open-access" with allies such as Nature Publishing Group, in collaboration with the Center of Support for Technological Innovation (CAIT) of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM).

The main goal of the competition is to identify and promote talent, challenging entrepreneurs and technical teams to develop projects that integrate third-party services in a professional network for researchers, as Loop. Additionally, to detect differential business ideas and to contribute to the development of business models, are other goals to achieve.

Loop is a professional network, developed by Frontiers, to maximize the impact of researchers by increasing the readership and dissemination of their articles. It is an open, collaborative and inclusive platform, where researchers have all the tools at their disposal to enhance academic discovery and impact.

The competition is directed to teachers, researchers, degree and graduate students (master or doctoral students) from the Technical University of Madrid, and participants may present their ideas individually or as a team.

Why to take part in the actúaloop Competition?

Beyond the economic prizes amounting to 13.000€, the best 10 ideas will be promoted for an incubation phase to develop them with the support, training, resources and advice of Frontiers and UPM. Moreover, actúaloop finalists will have access to contacts with Investment Figures, licences for use of technology or know-how, and the possibility of a job in a multinational company as Frontiers.

Open call and acceptance of submissions until January 7th 2016. Don’t wait any longer!

For further information, application form and Bases of the competition: www.upm.es/actualoop and actualoop@upm.es

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