20 Competición actúaupm: Premios a las Mejores ideas

 ¡Conoce las Mejores ideas de la 20 actúaupm!

Anoche, 19 de abril de 2023, entregamos 10 Premios y 10 Diplomas a las Mejores ideas de la 20 Competición actúaupm.

Aquí tienes la lista completa de ideas premiadas y con diplomas.

Más allá de que tu idea haya resultado premiada, aquí puedes consultar la lista completa de proyectos que pasan a la siguiente fase de la competición.

Lista completa de proyectos que pasan a la siguiente fase

Y aquí tienes la lista de proyectos que se alzaron con Premio / Diploma.

Premios a las 10 Mejores ideas

Second Speech

Rehabilitation assistant application for addressing language loss in patients with Parkinson's disease.


Development and operation of an aggregation platform that enables private self-consumption facilities to actively participate in the electricity market, monetizing their flexibility.


Manufacturing of 3D printed biomaterials and CNC techniques using bacteria, fungi, and algae.

Space VIOS

Development of a spacecraft for conducting orbital missions to collect and redce space debris.


Virtual reality software to provide a complete rehabilitation of all cognitive functions for ischemic stroke patients.


Digital twin for simulating industrial processes focuses on creating digital replicas of industrial and logistics processes to analyse and optimize them. 


Technology for digitizing the mooring process at ports, transforming it into an automated check-in and check-out system.


Position control and maintenance of solar trackers in photovoltaic plants by combining IoT technologies with artificial intelligence.

SEMICON Biosolutions

Sustainable seasonal degradation of plastics using engineered microbial consortia. 

Caja mágica cuántica

Software to control a network formed by quantum devices, capable of generating a new layer of security in current communication networks.

 Diplomas #20actúaupm

Blocky (Blockchain and Wireless Sensor Network-based traceability)

Wireless sensor networks that provide information on raw materials and the manufacturing process using data logging.

Solución tecnológica para automóviles sin etiqueta Ambiental

Economic and ecological solution for vehicles without investing and focuses on minimizing waste creation in expensive "eco" vehicles through the implementation of approved emission reduction systems.


Smart devices that use cameras and computer vision to regulate traffic.


5.0 production of hybrids from different sources of alternative protein for the preparation and 5.0 delivery of highly sustainable and healthy ready-to-eat dishes. 

Basbat Networks S.L.

Intelligent mobile phone charging platform consisting of a standalone desktop device connected to the internet for phone placement and a cloud server with a payment gateway.


The combination of traditional books with virtual reality technology using MetaRead and VR glasses aims to create a unique reading experience.

SUGAP: Sustainable Acoustic Panels

Design of sustainable green acoustic panels made up from coffee and tea wastes operating by the qualitative sound absorption performance of the selected filling materials.


Tangible programming system with robots and games for learning to code in a fun and effective way providing a solution accessible to everyone, particularly children.

Identificador de Toxicidad en Redes Sociales

Machine learning techniques to identify the level of toxicity in inline communication to reduce impact of social media on peoples' lives. 


Open-source simulation software for competition race cars, capable of matching those currently used by professional Formula 1 teams.

¡Enhorabuena a todos los proyectos!

¡Y a por todo lo que está por llegar!

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